Peer editing checklist

Manuscripts submitted in this section can have up to three authors. Authors should also disclose conflict of interest with products that compete with those mentioned in their manuscript. Use graphs as an alternative to tables with many entries; do not duplicate data in graphs and tables.

Not more than characters of abstract. Topical phenytoin for wound healing. It could be generally authored by not more than Peer editing checklist authors. Authors submitting review article should include a section describing the methods used for locating, selecting, extracting, and synthesizing data.

Getting started Related pages: General supervision of the research group is not sufficient for authorship. Restrict tables and figures to those needed to explain the argument of the paper and to assess its support.

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Do not include author names or affiliations or correspondence address in any part of the article file. For more background on CRediT, see here. In addition, they are expected to mark the changes as underlined or colored text in the article.

Methods The Methods section should include only information that was available at the time the plan or protocol for the study was written; all information obtained during the conduct of the study belongs in the Results section. Page proofs are sent to the corresponding author.

Print ready hard copies of the images one set or digital images should be sent to the journal office at the time of submitting revised manuscript. The journal expects the contributors to give post-publication updates on the subject of review. Peer editing checklist almost every other compound, the solid state is denser than the liquid state; thus, the solid would sink to the bottom of the liquid.

If you combine several video clips, please provide adequate time for each segment, and leave a suitable gap between the videos. Please refer to the following article for common errors and suggested tips for improving the quality of images submitted for publication.

Copies of such material should be included with the submitted paper, to help the editor decide how to handle the matter. Do not zip the files. Instructions are also available from the website of the journal http: An article up to words in length on the history of dermatology, skin diseases, sexually transmitted infections or leprosy, also a biographic account of a historic or noteworthy figure in dermatology, venereology and leprosy.

Care should be taken to prevent damage to the CD while sending it through post. Please attach a copy of the approval letter. DIGITAL HEALTH is a peer-reviewed open access journal which provides universally accessible and digestible content to all stakeholders involved in the digital healthcare provides a unique forum for dissemination of high quality content applicable to researchers, clinicians and allied health practitioners, patients, social scientists, industry and government.

Crisis Survival Checklists. Crisis survival make it easier for people and companies to overcome and survive within Global Financial Crisis and Economy Recession. Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging is peer-reviewed open access scholarly publication of the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association.

Revising checklists, peer editing checklists. Revise writing and editing check lists. Self editing checklists. These checklists are similar to success criteria checklists with the exception that the success criteria should be developed between the teacher and students. Journal of Emergencies, Trauma, and Shock (JETS) is a peer-reviewed and indexed international journal published under the auspices of the INDUSEM.

The journal’s full text is online at With the aim of faster and better dissemination of knowledge, we will be publishing articles ‘Ahead of Print’ immediately on acceptance.

Peer Editing Checklist

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Peer editing checklist
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